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Eco-friendly and Recyclable

Received my Broomraker as a gift and I use it every day! The broom is genuinely one of the best for sweeping especially on rubber stable matting.The rake is perfect for bashing shaving bales, spreading and levelling the shavings bed.Haven’t yet used it in my trailer as we haven’t been anywhere recently, but will do!

Approved🇬🇧 by Ted and Champy 👍  May 2020

‘I can honestly say the BroomRaker is one of the best equine tools I have ever purchased. It works like magic! Getting out all the gunk in between the lines and the brush simply sweeps it all away. It looks great too and is lightweight to handle. Can fully recommend! 👍🏻

Julie Rothwell November 2020


‘LOVE IT!! Gets all that lovely poop out that gets stuck and welded in the grooves of the trailer floor (that’s been left for months!) Definitely recommend 5 Stars from me!’

Kimberley Davies February 2020


‘Received my Broomraker and it’s great, trailer floor comes up like new – no more mess left behind in the grooves of the matting. Absolutely brilliant customer service, highly recommend this product.’

Hellen Rae – February 2020


‘Very satisfying to watch the rake glide through the grooves in the horsebox mat. Very efficient tool- the whole yard loves it!’

Jaymie Devereux – February 2020


‘I received my BroomRaker..it’s perfect. It fits in the grooves of the mats and now my mats look like new again. The brush handle is the perfect length and so lightweight. I love it and will definitely be recommending it to my friends. Thank you Karen.’

Sharon Conaghan



‘Love my BroomRaker. Makes cleaning my trailer so much easier (well that’s what hubby says as it’s his job!) Perfect fit for the mat grooves….amazing idea!’

Megan McClennan – February 2020


‘Have used our BroomRaker for the first time. Absolutely brilliant. Every Ifor Williams horsebox owner needs one!’

Ant Wallis – January 2020


‘This is an amazing product!!!! Can’t recommend it enough, totally revolutionary!! Have bought it for my horsey friends for Christmas to ensure cleaning trailers is a better experience!! Thanks you for developing such an amazing product – it does exactly what you need it to!!’

Joanne Harrison December 2019


‘A must have broom for any yard I wouldn’t be without one now. Great in so many different ways.’

Kylie Manser-Baines November 2019


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