The Ultimate Stable Cleaning Tool

A unique broom/rake combination. A light-weight tool for horse & garden.

Doing everyday mucking out of my stables and trailer was where BroomRaker was born. It started as an idea, made it’s way to design and patents and now here it is! As useful in the garden as it is in the yard, you won’t want to be parted from your BroomRaker.

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The BroomRaker

A unique broom/rake combination. Its strong design tackles a multitude of stable and garden jobs.

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Inspired By

Me with Flossie. Cleaning her stable and trailer lead me to think of the product I wanted but wasn’t there!
Durable Nylon Bristles

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Cleaning out the trailer and horse box is a quicker and simpler process. The rake and broom means you don't have to change tools to do a good job.
Mandy Kent - Show Jumper, Worcestershire.
BroomRaker is a quality built British Product I am proud to be part of it. I look forward to adding to my own tool range catalogue very soon.
John, Manufacturer (Bedfordshire)
A tool at last to clean those dreaded trailer grooves that works. What a brilliant idea! Thank you.
Leisa (Devon)